Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses

Regentskab Chiffon Tynde Stropper Jakke Gulvlængde KjolerBridesmaid dresses can become a point of contention for any bride especially when your bridesmaids all want to wear their own style. So how can a bride avoid this often times chaotic situation; the last thing you want is to become a “Bridezilla” over bridesmaid dresses! Here are a few tips on how to allow your bridesmaids some freedom in their dress choice without compromising your wedding ambience.

Firstly, decide on what your wedding setting is going to be; for instance if you are having an elegant evening wedding then your bridesmaids will all have to opt for a more evening gown type of dress, while a beach wedding may be a bit less formal and allow for a more loose fitting style. The best way to allow your bridesmaid some individuality is to ensure that each one chooses a flattering style for their body shape. There is nothing more off putting than a bridesmaid who has been forced to wear a tight fitting dress that has all her lumps and bumps on display!

Secondly, decide on the color and fabric that you would like all the dresses to be made out of. By deciding on one fabric you will avoid having one bridesmaid in a shiny fabric while another may have gone the route of a velvet fabric; this would certainly throw your wedding style off kilt. When it comes to color you can opt for several different shades in your fabric choice to allow your bridesmaids to choose a color that suits their individual complexions.

Thirdly, take a look at which dress length will suit all of your bridesmaids. Having all of your bridesmaids in the same length dress will create a more uniform look even when one may have opted for an A-line dress, while another may have preferred a slimmer cut dress.

Then, last but not least, let your bridesmaids choose a neckline that suits their body shape and style; let then decide on whether they want a sleeveless or sleeved dress. These are all very important aspects and you will have to decide if you are wearing a strapless dress whether or not you want any of your bridesmaids to be wearing strapless dresses.

However, remember that your bridesmaids will have to foot the bill for their dresses and if costing is an issue then you can decide on a uniform readymade option such as a black velvet dress with your wedding colors incorporated in a scarf; sash; belt or accessories. Although black may not be a popular choice for a wedding it will be a dress your bridesmaids will be able to reuse.

Princess Prom Dresses Never Go Out Of Style

Pearl Pink Chiffon Scoop A-Line/Princess Floor-Length Prom DressesEvery teenage girl has her own style and there are an endless number of dress styles to choose from when shopping for the prom. Princess dresses look more like ball gowns than other prom styles, which can range from sexy evening wear to the more unconventional.

The princess prom dress typically has a long, full skirt. It can have an a-line shape or it might have a very full skirt with pleats at the waist. The fabrics used are luxurious and include satin, silk, velvet and toile. These dresses often have beautiful detail work on the bodice, using embroidery or beading. Sometimes this detail is carried into the skirt for a stunning look. Princess dresses can be strapless but many do have straps or sleeves. The bodice of the dress is normally fitted quite close to the body.

This style of dress is flattering on most figures, and is especially great at accentuating a small waistline. If you aren’t comfortable showing a lot of leg, the long full skirt will keep them covered and add length to your figure. A dress with open shoulders adds softness to your look for a more feminine appearance.

Due to the detailing on these dresses, any accessories should be subtle with a classic twist. You don’t have to wear your mother’s pearls, but look for elegant jewelry and shoes. You want attention to be drawn to yourself and to your dress, not to what is hanging from your ears! If in doubt, ask a salesperson for recommendations when purchasing your dress. They should be able to make suggestions on jewelry and shoes, and possibly even a suitable prom hairstyle.

A princess prom dress is a popular choice for many teenagers, with its classic and elegant appearance. These dresses are available in any color so your personality can still shine through your formal appearance. Go with black or darker colors for a more dramatic look, or opt for lime green or bright pink to unleash your fun side. Make sure you are comfortable with the dress and color that you choose.

Proves Quite Adept At Wearing Louis Vuitton

On Monday, Michelle Williams demonstrated yet again why she’s a longstanding favorite of Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière — not to mention a face of the brand — in a red, high-neck halter gown by the label, which she wore to the Los Angeles the premiere of her new film, “All the Money in the World.”

Williams is certainly no stranger to Louis Vuitton, having appeared across several of the label’s ad campaigns in recent years and worn stand-out looks from the brand on many, many, many occasions. For Monday evening’s event, Williams and her go-to stylist Kate Young kept things simple, choosing to forgo jewelry or accessories and instead let the delicate embellishments of the dress itself take the focus.

Young, as she is wont to do, shared a close-up shot of the dress on Instagram, offering a better look at the ruffled and pleated details of the gown:

Williams also maintained her reliably spare-but-super-pretty beauty look, with a mellow rose lip color and just a hint of similarly toned blush on the apples of her cheeks.

The whole effect feels perfectly festive — though not overwrought or the least bit cheesy — for this time of year.